Thursday, 22 October 2015

10 Things You Must Know About Using a Highlighter.

We are yet to meet a girl who doesn’t want a radiant skin. Now, of course, with age and stress, the au natural glow might fade sooner than expected, but all thanks to this magic make up tool called the highlighter, faking a glow is way easier. But one mistake and you might end up looking all blotchy and patchy. Here are some things you should remember when using the highlighter to put your best face forward.

1. The under-eye area is one tricky place to highlight. Use your index finger and gently lower your lower lid. Take the magic pencil and carefully outline the innerrim of the eye.

2. High cheekbones are easy to get, with a highlighter. Start from the inner corner of your eye and draw the pencil downward till it reaches the cheekbone and then move it up towards the outer corner of your eye. With your index finger, dab dab dab to blend.

3. A highlighter is the best solution for an everlasting eye shadow. Eye shadows tend to fade away within a few hours. So before you apply the eye shadow, apply the highlighter on your upper eyelids. Make sure it blends in well.

4. A highlighter is also a magic wand for dark circles. It can make them disappear within seconds. To get rid of the under-eye dark circles, apply the highlighter in a triangle shape and then blend in, using your index finger.

5. A highlighter can work wonders to make your whole face glow. Use the highlighter pencil and draw it all over your face, in outward strokes. Then dab some foundation on your face. Now blend the highlighter and foundation together for a perfect glow.

6. The highlighter pencil opens up your eyes and defines your eyebrows. Draw triangles over your eyebrows. Remember to draw it very close to brow line. Then blend it slowly. It will define your eyebrows really well.

7. If you want to fake big lips, then the highlighter is your best friend. Dab the highlighter just above your cupid’s bow and then blend. Remember to opt for a dark shade for a dramatic and fuller look.

8. Your nose can look slimmer and defined, thanks to the highlighter. Draw a line on the centre of your nose, starting from your midpoint of your eyebrows. Just blend very lightly to give your nose a sharp look.

9. A sharp jaw line is very easy to achieve, with your highlighter. Draw lines on your chin in outward strokes and then blend slowly. Apply the foundation on your face. Don’t use it on the highlighted section. You now have a sharp jaw line.

10. The highlighter can give you that perfect fresh look. There are times when you are stressed or a late night out can make you look tired and sleepy. Use the highlighter and trace it along the inner corners of your eyes. Don’t blend, but make sure that you don’t cover it up with eye shadow. It’s as good as 10 cups of coffee.

Source: by Rati Agrawal

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