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5 ways a Manicure can Harm your Nails (and how to avoid it)

5 ways a Manicure can Harm your Nails (and how to avoid it)
5 ways a Manicure can Harm your Nails (and how to avoid it)
Manicures and nail art are a rage but do you know you could be getting a few things wrong there. Nails should not just look pretty, they must be healthy too. Too much nail colour or wrong products and techniques can affect the health of your nails. Here are some tips you can follow for a healthy manicure:

Good quality remover: A good quality nail polish remover is a must. Removers with natural ingredients combined with acetone or alcohol are better options than pure acetone ones. Strong removers can dry nails and cuticles and lead to splitting or chipping of nails too. Always select a good brand.

Nail filing: Filing nails in one direction is the correct way to do it. Going back and forth can cause cracking, splitting and spoil the texture of your nails. If your nails are too long, cut them to desired length and then file them to make the task easy. Using a buffer can help even out the surface and give a shine to the nails.

Cuticle care: Cutting cuticles is like injuring them and inviting infections. If you see a small portion of the cuticle uprooted at the sides of your nail, trim it with a scissor instead of pulling or biting it. Pushing cuticles is better than cutting them. You can soften your cuticles by soaking the fingers in water to make pushing easier.

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Base coat: If you ever have to choose between buying a top coat and base coat due to a tight budget, choose a base coat. A good quality base coat will prevent the dark colours from dying your nails and their discolouration. The base coat also helps colours look brighter and will make your manicure last longer.

Quick dry: It is boring to hold steady till the nail polish dries completely. But did you know that the instant drying techniques like the UV light or using blow dryers dry out your nails too? Dehydrated nails look lifeless, dull and are brittle. Whenever you can avoid quick dry, do so and let your nails dry naturally.

Source: Thehealthsite

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