Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Do you need a Skin Fast?

Yes, a skin fast is actually a concept! And, one that involves slacking off on your beauty routine. Trust us, this is the detox your skin needs to survive the festivities.

If you have been OD’ing on  makeup and products to get that elusive glow, we are going to recommend you try a more unusual route – Stop using anything on your face for a bit! As outrageous as this sounds – especially since we have been urging you to not skimp on that night serum – a skin fast can actually change your skin for the better.

How it works best is when you completely give up on wearing any makeup for two or three days each week. Experts say that doing this can result in skin that looks younger and it can improve the health of your skin drastically. Wearing makeup daily can kick-start the ageing process since it damages the collagen and elastin in the skin. In addition, the chemicals and preservatives in makeup can irritate your skin and lead to a host of skin allergies. It can also block pores.

Giving up on wearing any makeup for two days a week regularly promotes the formation of new faster, healthier cells. If you want a more intensive detox, then experts recommend a whole three week fasting period twice year. You can extend this to not just makeup but other skin products too apart from the bare essentials like cleanser and sunscreen to really reprogramme your skin. That you shouldn’t skimp on, no matter what! If you stick to just going makeup free, then use a face mask to get all the gunk out of your skin during these days. A skin illuminating moisturiser can give you the glow you would normally get from your BB cream or foundation.

Experts say you cam see results a few months after doing a two-days-a-week makeup free routine. Try it and tell us if your skin glows just that extra bit post it!

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By Faye Remedios

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