Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Read this before you try any facial hair removal technique

Facial hair can become increasingly prominent depending on factors like age, heredity and hormones. While it is totally normal, there are many who prefer to thread, bleach, wax or opt for laser hair removal. But are these hair removal methods safe? Well-known dermatologist,
Dr Jaishree Sharad tells you which one you should go for and which one you should totally avoid.

Threading: This can remove the hair temporarily and is safe, given the salon follows proper hygiene. Sometimes, you may experience superficial cuts and at times it can lead to infection of the hair follicle known as folliculitis that you commonly see as tiny pus-filled boils. Frequent threading can also cause darkening of the skin due to friction.

Bleaching: Bleaching will not remove hair, but will colour the hair making it lighter and less visible. It can be done once in six weeks. Avoid bleaching if you have pigmentation or dry flaky or sensitive skin. Bleaching can also lead to dermatitis if your skin is sensitive or if you are allergic to bleach.

Waxing: Waxing may be a temporary solution but is more efficient than threading. It can be done once in four-six weeks. However, make sure that you use disposable cellophane strips for waxing. Also, ensure that you never use wax that is more than a month old as it could be infected and cause boils. Store the wax properly and maintain good hygiene. The only downside of waxing is that it could lead to boils, especially for sensitive skin.
Shaving You sure do not want to use a blade on your delicate face. Shaving can result in ingrown hair and boils. So it’s best you avoid it. In fact using an epilator is safer, easier and has a lower risk of infection and ingrowths. Here are tips from experts to avoid and treat ingrown hair.

Laser hair removal: Laser hair removal is most certainly the best way to remove facial hair. The technique reduces facial hair by 90%, and the remaining 10% is cosmetically acceptable. Multiple sessions are required to inhibit the growth of hair permanently. Diode, Alexandrite and Long pulse Nd-Yag lasers are good for Indian skin. If you have polycystic ovaries or any other hormonal imbalance or are taking steroids, you may not benefit entirely with laser. Experts answer all your queries on laser hair reduction for getting rid of unwanted hair.

Is there any new facial hair removal technique which is safe and less painful?
Yes. The Soprano® ICE hair removal laser is a fast, cold laser treatment. It operates at 10 hertz per second, making it one of the fastest treatments in the market today. It can be used for permanent hair reduction of all pigmented hair on all skin types. It has both diode and alexandrite technologies, which is good for fine hair and resistant hair too.
This new treatment provides additional cooling to minimise discomfort. It is a painless treatment so there is no need to use anaesthesia or numbing gels.


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