Friday, 25 December 2015

Weight loss tips from Tim Robards for the festive season

No one wants to diet over Christmas but there are a few simple things you can do to make sure you don’t end up a kilo heavier in January

I loved being able to grow up and experience a summer Christmas as a kid. Running under the sprinkler, before relentlessly out-bombing each other in the pool. Back then we were concerned with making the biggest splash, but as you get older those Christmas puddings add up and we become slightly more conscious of reducing the size of the splash we make.

It’s quite common to put on half a kilo or even more over the festive season, but the scary part is many don’t actually lose it afterwards. After 10 years of over indulging at Christmas, we are soon being asked to don the Santa suit and not offered a pillow to fill it out. Christmas is a time to relax, enjoy the company of family and friends, avoid heated arguments with your uncle over his old-school political mentality and enjoy the beautiful food that comes with the festive season.

But it’s easy to lose track and forget you’ve worked so hard all year just to let your efforts blow out over one week of debauchery! So here are a few practical tips to help you maintain a balance of enjoyment and health.

1. Avoiding the blowout starts prior to you even leaving the house! Before heading out, eat something healthy at home or even a protein shake. This will part fill you and stop you over-snacking on unhealthy finger food.

2. When it comes to dips, opt for a healthy fresh salsa over a cheesy or creamy dip.

3. Take advantage of the fresh seafood if it’s on offer! Fresh prawns over deep fried money bags.

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4. You can’t have Christmas without chocolate! Go for dark over milk or white chocolate. You’ll escape the extra sugar but still get your chocolate hit … maybe even some antioxidants!

5. Five for one. If you are going to have a ‘splurge day’ over Xmas, do exactly that. Don’t let it turn into five days of leftovers.

6. It is a good chance to exercise some control. Swap a belly full for a taste. Restraint requires discipline but it’s a good compromise. Don’t get down on yourself for ‘tasting’ a few goodies. Compliment yourself for not eating the whole lot!

7. Liquid calories are the undoing of a lot of us. Swap the sugary sodas for a soda water and fresh lime. If alcohol is on the cards than try swapping your champagne for a vodka soda and fresh lime. A few less calories and less of a headache.

8. Share your food! If you are given chocolates as a gift or someone brings a cake or baked goods, make sure you share them then and there. Give everyone some cake to take home. Saves you having to finish the whole thing off over the next few days!

Enjoy sharing your Xmas with friends and family, enjoy the food and drinks that come with it, but do your best to keep a balance! No one wants to be on a strict diet over Xmas but we all want to avoid adding a kilo or two every year. Keep a balance and enjoy yourselves!

Merry Christmas!

Dr Tim Robards is a Chiropractor and exercise scientist (B. Med. Sc, M. Chiro) and regular columnist. Tim recently launched his unique exercise and diet program The Robards Method. You can follow Tim on Instagram and Twitter.

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