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Friday, 25 December 2015

Gym mistakes: 6 reasons you're probably not seeing the results you want

Workout mistakes to avoid

So you've been going to the gym for sometime now, know how to use the machines, your gym etiquette is spot on (wipe equipment after use – check!), but for some reason you thought all your hard work would have started paying off. Well, despite ditching the training wheels there are a few common mistakes people make at the gym time and time again. These easily avoidable mistakes can counteract your fitness progression. 

Weight loss tips from Tim Robards for the festive season

No one wants to diet over Christmas but there are a few simple things you can do to make sure you don’t end up a kilo heavier in January

I loved being able to grow up and experience a summer Christmas as a kid. Running under the sprinkler, before relentlessly out-bombing each other in the pool. Back then we were concerned with making the biggest splash, but as you get older those Christmas puddings add up and we become slightly more conscious of reducing the size of the splash we make.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

10 Facts About Coconut oil

Michele Chevalley Hedge
10 Facts About Coconut oil
10 Facts About Coconut oil

This tropical trooper comes with a host of health benefits. Here's 10 reasons to pick up some coconut oil today.

From beating sugar cravings to aiding weight loss, there are more benefits of coconut oil than most of us may realise.

1. All fats are not created equal

Coconut oil contains short term medium-chain saturated fatty acids (MCFAs), which is a "healthy" form saturated fat compared to trans fat. Trans fatty acid consumption is linked with heart problems, depression and increased cholesterol levels. What does consuming MCFA fats in coconut oil mean for your body? Our body metabolises these fats in the liver, immediately coverting this into energy (fuel for the brain and muscle function) rather than it being stored as fat.

2. Controls weight

One 2009 study looked at the weight loss link between women's consumption of coconut oil and found that it reduces abdominal obesity. Researchers discovered coconut oil is easy to digest and also protects the body from insulin resistance. To try coconut oil for weight loss start by adding one teaspoon to your diet and gradually work your way up to four teaspoons per day.

3. Eases digestion

If you suffer from poor digestion or tummy bloating try adding coconut oil to your diet. Coconut oil has been found to benefit digestive disorders including irritable bowel syndrome and microbial related tummy bugs. Fatty acids in coconut oil contain anti microbial properties, which have a soothing affect on bacteria, candida, or parasites that cause poor digestion.

4. Manage type 2 diabetes

A recent study by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research found that coconut oil protects against insulin resistance, reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. MCFA fats are small enough to be absorbed into the cells where they're quickly converted to energy. It is this process that not only reduces the amount of fat we pack into storage, but improves insulin sensitivity.

5. Supports immunity

Coconut oil is made up of healthy fats lauric acid, caprylic acid and capric acid which contain antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral prosperities to boost the immune system. Lauric acid contains the highest concentration of MCFA fatty acids, approximately 75 per cent. The body turn this fat into monolaurin which is claimed to help heal viruses such as herpes, influenza, cytomegalovirus, helicobacter pylori and candida.

6. Boost metabolism

A study reported in the Journal of Nutrition found that coconut oil boosts metabolism. Researchers found that participants who consumed two tablespoons of coconut oil per day burned more kilojoules than those who consumed less. A speedy metabolism helps boost the body's immune system and keep weight off.

7. Slows fine lines

Coconut is not just for your cooking – it's a wonderfully hydrating treat for skin too. It keeps the skin's connective tissues strong, which prevents sagging and wrinkles. Apply coconut oil directly to your skin to soften the appearance of fine lines or use it daily on your face and body for a healthy glow. Be sure you use virgin coconut oil with no additives.

8. Cooks in high temperatures

Because coconut oil is a medium-chain saturated fatty acid, it gives it a higher smoking temperature than most polyunsaturated or monounsaturated oils. If you're preparing recipes that require high temperatures you should consider coconut oil for this type of cooking. Unlike olive oil which will oxidise at high temperatures, creating free radicals.

9. Stops sugar cravings

Instead of reaching for the lollie jar for an afternoon sweet hit, try eating a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil to beat sugar cravings. This is because good quality fat is more satiating than carbs, so if you cut down on sugar you will feel less 'ravenous'. Most of us do not realize but constant hunger is a major clue that your body is not being fed correctly.  With the proper amounts of fats and protein, you can fuel your energy reserves properly, and come off the sugar roller coaster that many of us are on.

10. Coconut oil is simple to cook with

Try this recipe for a nutritious high protein, gluten and dairy free coconut treat. 1 teaspoon of Niugini Organics Coconut Oil (available from health food stores)1 cup of almonds or walnuts1 cup of organic dates3-4 tablespoons of raw cocoa powderShredded coconut (check it contains no preservatives)Place all ingredients in a food processor. Roll into small bite size balls and roll into shredded coconut. Place in the refrigerator for 15 minutes to set.

Michele Chevalley Hedge is an accredited nutritionist, author and presenter. Visit her website

Friday, 6 November 2015

Your Nail Polish Might Be Making You Gain Weight

Your Nail Polish Might Be Making You Gain Weight
© Provided by ELLE Your Nail Polish Might Be Making You Gain Weight

Your favourite brand of nail polish might have a hidden ingredient that can wreak havoc in your body. Researchers at Duke University and the Environmental Working Group have pinpointed a common polish ingredient that may be dangerous, especially for people who frequently paint their nails.

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

6 Reasons Almonds Could Become your Weight-loss Mentor

Almonds are the powerhouse of nutrition, and they make you lose weight if taken in moderation.
6 Reasons Almonds Could Become your Weight-loss Mento
6 Reasons Almonds Could Become your Weight-loss Mento

Reading about nuts can make you go nuts, specially if you're in the weight-loss process zone. But do you know that nuts can help you lose those extra pounds? Nuts are rich in fatty acids, sure, but what makes you not go past that? Almonds too are popularly known as nuts, but they are actually just seeds of the fruit of the almond tree. Almonds are the powerhouse of nutrition which have a good variety of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Sticking to your fitness goal seems like a hassle, no? Try this!

Here's how you can stick to your workout.

Combining mindfulness (directing the mind to the current state while cultivating a sense of non-judgment) with exercise might make your workouts more pleasant, says research published in Alternative and Complementary Therapies. Participants who practised mindfulness techniques--breathwork, visualisation and mindfulness-based readings reported more positive feelings over time than those who didn't.
Prevention advisor Vinata Shetty shares some tips on how you too can incorporate these techniques in your workout.
Read: The Miracle of Mindfulness by Thích Nhat Hanh.
Visualise: Visualising your goal will help you remain focussed.
Be aware: Being aware of the target muscle group while you are working out yields better results. Focus and feel those muscles flex.
Jump to it and strengthen your bones: Here's why jumping jacks should be a part of your everyday routine. A study published in American Journal of Health Promotion showed improvements in hip bone mass density in women who jumped compared to those who didn't. Sixty pre-menopausal women, aged 25 to 50 years, were randomly assigned to a control group or one of two jumping groups (either 10 or 20 jumps, with 30 second rests between jumps, twice daily) for 16 weeks.
Jumping was done barefoot, on a hard floor covered with a thin carpet, and women were instructed to jump as high as they could. Tests of hip bone mass density were made before the programme and at 8 and 16 weeks. Compared to the non-jumping controls, the 20-jump group showed significant gains at 8 weeks, and both groups showed significant gains at 16 weeks.

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Weight Loss Tip #2 – Eat small, Frequent Meals

From the previous post, you realised that we are often unaware of how much food we need. Just think, you need just 135 calories for an hour of running at 5 km/h. That is equivalent to just three chapattis. This explains why not eating too much is extremely important.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Weight Loss Tip #1 – Burn More Calories Than you Eat

Understanding calories should be your first step towards losing weight. In simple terms, calories are a unit of energy. The reason you need food is because your body requires these calories in order to function.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

8 Essential Habits you Need to Follow to Get Into the Fitness Zone

All of us make resolutions for better health and fitness at the beginning of each calendar year. However, as the days go by, these resolutions are forgotten. Short-term plans are never a solution. To make a permanent shift to good health, one needs to change to a healthy lifestyle and stick with it, no matter what.

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Forget Dieting, Just Add These Slimming foods to Your Diet

Trying really hard to shed those extra kilos? Get this! Yo-yo dieting is not going to get you anywhere.
Many of us spend the summer holidays getting back into shape and working off some extra pounds.
To make your life easier, we have listed down 10 best fruits and vegetables that can help you lose some weight.

Thursday, 17 September 2015

10 Reasons to Love Oats

Who doesn't know by now how important it is to eat breakfast. And get this right too & eating right breakfast is even more so. And what better way to gain the strength and energy to carry you through the hectic day ahead than starting off with a scrumptious bowl of freshly cooked oats. And to know what all it offers beyond just taste read on.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

6 Seeds That Can Help You Lose Weight and Keep it off

If you want to lose weight and have been grappling with the issue for a while, maybe you should think about a few changes to your diet plan. Apart from eating right and exercising, there are a few more things you can do to shed those kilos and keep the weight off. One such tip is to add healthy seeds to your meals. Here are 6 seeds you should include in your diet.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

20 Tips for Fast Weight Loss | How To Loose Weight Fast

20 Tips for Fast Weight Loss | How To Loose Weight Fast
20 Tips for Fast Weight Loss | How To Loose Weight Fast
Fast weight loss is the ultimate dream. Everybody wishes to wake up to a slimmer self without much effort. It’s one wish that remains in our minds all the time. But if you have tried and failed at fast weight loss, then now is a good time to give it a try again. In order to lose weight quickly, most folks try crash diets or extensive workouts. But for some surprisingly odd reason , your fast weight loss planning did not work out for you. So we give you 20 tips for fast weight loss that'll clear the air for you, while helping you decide what your personal weight loss journey should be about. For starters, it should be about getting fitter, and not 'slimmer'. Let's begin...